About us in brief

M-Carbo was founded in Jan. 2014 by people with 5-15 years of experience in carbon fibers and its composites.

Our location is:

Minsk, Belarus   /    Krakow, Poland

We produce:

We also supply rayon based carbon fibers as well as carbon-carbon composites. We are aware in these 2 products and its markets.

M-Carbo is focused solely on carbon fibers/composites business.


Contact us today:

Belarus:   Minsk, ul. Gedroitsa, 14, office 188A

Phone:  + 375 29 663 2535

Poland:   Inkarbo Sp. z o.o.   Krak√≥w,   ul. Rakowicka,   10B, lok. 4

Phone:  + 48 50 723 7948