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Carbon/carbon components for monosilicon puller

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Rayon based carbon fiber has many special applications including:

  • carbon-carbon composites manufacturing (both ways via phenolic resin carbonization and via chemical vapour deposition process)
  • high temperature (3000 C / 5500 F) heat insulation for vacuum funaces
  • electrical heating devices incl. wearable clothes and deiceners
  • gas and liquid sorption filter material (for activated carbon fibers)
  • medical wound / burn dressing textile blankets
  • medical oral enterosorbents
  • protectors against metal corrosion
  • microbial fuel cells (MFC)
  • supecapacitors
  • many, many other special applications.

Carbon/carbon composites and heat insulation


Pores inside the fibers determine its good thermal resistance and lower gravity


Rigid felt heat insulation flat board


Rigid felt heat insulation cylinder board


Rigid felt heat insulation cylinder board

Heating cable and heating tape
  • electrical heating flooring
  • roof deicener
  • heating of the bitumen during its transportation
  • heater-posters
  • car seat heaters and mirror heaters
  • heaters of car diesel pumps
  • quartz infrared heaters
  • heating modules for outer clothing (children, the elderly, special services)
  • home textiles: electric blankets, mattresses, etc
  • carbon-carbon composite heaters for high-temperature vacuum furnaces


Electrical heating cable


Electrical heating cable: module ready for installation


Electrical heating ribbon tape


Home electrical heater

Car sear heater


Car heater of Diesel fuel


Carbon/carbon heater


Biological compatibility – for medicine

  • Rayon based carbon fiber is very soft and tender. At the same time, the surface of the fiber contains pores that absorb the breakdown products of proteins and the poisons. Carbon fiber is conductive, which is important for electrostimulation of skin cells.
  • Production of wipes for the treatment of wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, pressure sores, and drainage for removal of pus from the internal cavities with abscesses.
  • Milled activated fiber is an enterosorbent with the highest level of sorption of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Due to the power of sorption it is a substitute for antibiotics in the treatment of certain diseases (gonorrhea in pregnant women, sorption of pathogenic bacteria and their toxins from the gastrointestinal tract).
  • Carbon-carbon composites based on graphitized fabrics are used as bone prostheses.
  • Fluorinated carbon fiber is indirectly used in medicine in the manufacture of ultra-reliable lithium batteries for pacemakers
  • Carbonized cloth is electrically conductive, it keeps contact with the skin (it does not irritate it and does not react chemically, unlike metals). Therefore, in recent years, carbon fabrics is actively used as a current lead for suits of electrostimulating fitness.
  • Carbon fabrics are used to produce electrodes for ems-vests (ems-electrodes).

Chemical resistance – to protect against corrosion

Viscose carbon fabric is used to protect containers from corrosion, where both flexibility and softness of fabrics, good impregnability with resins, conductivity are required.
Application: tanks for hydrofluoric acid, protective anodes for pipelines.

EMI-shielding properties – for shielding shields

The complex morphological structure of the elementary fiber, the fibrous structure of the material as a whole and, at the same time, the current-carrying capacity of carbon-these are the totality of properties that ensure the application of the material as a shield from electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Screens and covers made of carbon cloth / felt are passive and do not need power supplies, they are not a technical means of protecting information.

Simple and convenient in isolating the phone as an EMR source. You need, for example, to communicate with a person who has a pacemaker installed.

Stability of mechanical properties under critical conditions – for composites
  • Fluoropolymers for valves of compressor equipment
  • Carbon fiber reinforced PA-6 for automotive components, for sealing elements in hydraulic cylinders
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastics for sliding bearings operating with no lubricatns or water lubricant
  • Carbon/carbon composites


Fluoroplastic reinforced with carbon fiber


Carbon fiber reinforced PA-6





High sorption activity – for filters and supercapacitors