Bike carbon frame tubes.

Carbon tube 40x50x4000mm for film rewinder
Carbon tubes with wall 1-2mm for customized bike carbon frames

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We produce carbon tubes with a nice pattern for customized bike carbon frames.
Special inner and outer diameters available:
seat tubes ID 27.2mm & 31.6mm
seat posts OD 27.2 & 31.6mm as well
top tubes and down tubes with 1.5 - 2mm wall
seat stay and chain stay tubes.
Typical tubes parameters:
38x42x700mm with weight 275gms
30x33x550mm with weight 132gms
seat post tube id23 x OD27.2 x 350mm with weight 92gms
we make winding with angle 15-45 degrees,
- 15 degrees make tube more bending resistant
while 45 degrees make tube more flexible.
We also offer many patterns, with or without sanding.